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I haven’t been feeling super great this morning and I left the kitchen I was cleaning and went into my bedroom and sat down. 5 minutes later I hear the girls, who had been building a fort in the kitchen so they could play near me, start buzzing to each other. Grace, “Milla you need to go find Mom!! Find out where she is and what happened to her!”. Milla, “yes I will Gace! I will find dat Momma!” True to her promise she bursts into my room a few minutes later, “dare you are! I finded you Mom! Did a ghost git you?! Was it a ghost?!” Me, “nope, a ghost did not get me I’m just sitting down for a sec”. CJ unconvinced, “was it a monster?! Did dat monster git you Mom?!” Realizing she was truly hoping for a thrill I told her it was a monster so she could run back to her sister and tell her the exciting news.


Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, beard, christmas tree and indoor Happy New Year!!! #FonFonsfirstAmericanNewYear #NewYearsEve2016#AmazingIndianFood #Itstradition

Ahh, New Year’s morning! When the older people and the Mormons are enjoying their celebratory breakfasts and everyone else sips on their black coffee and gatorade. 😉 Happy New Year!!! #Maytherecoverybeswift#NewYearsDay #2017forthewin





12/31/16 Sometimes I think as a parent you get called into the toy room as the referee. As they’ve gotten older and play together more I often don’t hear from my children until they are upset and fighting or telling on each other and it’s easy to get discouraged or worried. But you know what is a really good idea?! Playing with them in THEIR element regularly. I was so blown away this morning, sitting in their toy room for a couple of hours. I haven’t been in here for more than helping them clean or a few minutes here and there, in a while. There were SO many pleases and thank you’s and sorry’s and, “can I help you with that sister? Are you ready to play this now or do you want to finish you thing first?” “Oh no did you get hurt?! Don’t worry my bear will kiss you!” There were a couple squabbles but really…they’re awesome! #flyonthewall #thingsthatgiveyouperspective #sisters#somuchlove #NewYearsEveFamilyTime #theygetmorethanwethink

12/30/16 We got to have a lunch date with Craig today after CJ’s Dr. appointment. He had to run back to work as the girls were still finishing up and as he’s walking out the door Camilla Jane stands up in her little pink pea coat with her two little pig tails and yells loud enough for the entire restaurant to hear, “Bye Papa Bear I loves you!! I loves you Papa Bear I loves you dary much!!” then as she realizes everyone is watching her and giggling, “dats my Papa Bear guys! Dats my Papa Bear!” Lol #CamillaJane#Youneverflyundertheradarwitgchildren #DatsmyPapaBear!

12/29/2016 10:00pm and little Milla isn’t feeling well. It’s looking like we may end up with our first sleepover cause they aren’t about to sleep apart. #JaneyBaby#GracieLou #Sisters #Lifeistooshort

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12/29/16 Cause now they’re going to settle down and go to sleep. 😉#NightPartiesWithThePapaBear #IHadJustGottenThemSettledInToo#LoveMylittleFamily Craig Taylor

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12/28/16 CJ spills her bowl of cereal this morning and immediately yells to Grace across the room, “hey Gace, why you spill my cerdiol again?!” She then starts cracking herself up, “I jus kidding! Gace not spill my Cerdiol, I jus say dat. Hey Gace why you spill dat cerdiol?!” As Grace starts to protest loudly (she isn’t big on jokes) CJ cracks up again and then looks down at the mess she just made and back up at me suddenly very serious, “I sorrdy Mom, is an asident. I queen it up wis dat rag”. Lol #thiskidistoomuch#Shecantpossiblybeonlytwo #Alwayscrackingherselfup#ShetakesafterherDaddy 😉 Craig Taylor


12/27/16 To say that Camilla Jane has been difficult to feed lately is underselling it. Tonight’s bit included, but was not limited to, pretending that my food was offending her pretend Echidna. CJ, “ohhh, are you scared echidna?! Isokay! Are you scared of dis food?! I sorry, I save you from dis Momma’s food, is otay, don’t cry echidna! Ohhh he’s kying!!!” Lol #Justeatyourfoodkid! #LovemyCamillaJane #CanIHireADinnerFeeder?

12/26/16 I’ve been meaning to post this for a bit but the girl’s Uncle Jason recently bought them these Bronco Jersey’s. It was a nice gesture but Grace refused to put hers on. She was even bribed but flatly declined. Lol A few days ago I suggested to her that maybe it would be a good shirt for wearing when she might get dirty and she immediately said, “okay! I could do that! This is my getting dirty shirt!” Then she turns to me and says, “Mom? You know why I couldn’t wear this shirt before?!” Me, “how come?” G, “we don’t like the Broncos, Mom!! We just DONT. LIKE. The BRONCOS!” lol Sorry Jason, her father has trained her well. 😉 Then Camilla Jane, who has liked hers from the start then insisted I find it for her and pipes up, “I yike dis shirt cause I yike Uncle Jason and I yike dat basketball!” 😂 #Niecespieces#Wearenotasportsfamily #SorryJason #ButTheyDoYikeDatUncleJason#BroncoBasketball

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12/21/16 So I set out to make an almond pastry trying to mimic the almond croissants we had in Australia. And these are not the same thing for sure but surprisingly close. Satisfies that same need if that makes sense, you should try them out. And then give away all but one or two, really it’s a great system! 😉

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Starting to smell awfully yummy around here! Dear Neighbors and Twin Falls friends, we would love to bring you a little gift! If you want to do my poor delivery husband a favor and send me a message or text with your actual address that would be awesome! He doesn’t seem to appreciate my, “no they’re the ones next to the tan house!” instructions somehow. 😉#Helpthedeliveryman #sendyouraddress #Alsotellmeifyouhaveanutallergy#Weloveyouall!!!

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One more day and he’s home for a while!!! #10:30amAndImCountingTheMinutes #MrTaylor #MyHardWorkingMan#LikeHisHardWorkingWife 😉 #LettheChristmasVacationBegin!!!!

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12/20/16 We had leftovers for dinner tonight and were all waiting for Camilla Jane to come to the table. She however was taking her sweet time putting on her Minnie Mouse slippers. Me, “Milla hurry please we’re waiting”. CJ, “I can’t hurry Mom I n putting on deez slippers. I wealy yike dem!” Me, “well would you like some help?” CJ, “no Mom I yika do it myself otay?” Me as a last resort, “well you better hurry, I’m going to eat all your dinner!!!” Milla, “okay tank you Mom! Tank you eat my dinner, I don’t yike dat dinner again”. Face. Palm. #Toddlerswhotaketheirtime #whichisalltoddlers

Happy Birthday Gracie!! What a fun day with great friends and family! #Birthdays #gingerbreadhouses #whydoesntmykitchenpressurewash#lifegoals

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Gracie’s Birthday Poem

Yesterday we sat and talked, of how you’ve grown and where you’ve walked

Of your favorite shoes and your cute little sister, and how “that Dad” likes to call you Mr.

I told you that you’re my favorite at 4 and that I really don’t think you need to grow MORE

And you smiled a much too grown up grin and said Mom, it’s okay you can hold me agin

And when I am 6 and 7 and more, I will still let you hold me, but I just can’t stay 4.

So I have decided that I GUESS it’s alright if you must turn 5 at the strike of midnight.

I love your sweet voice when you sing after prayers, and I love when you dance round our tree,

And it’s really my favorite to hold your cute hand and to hear you say you love me.

Thank you Ms. Gracie from “that Dad” and myself, for trying to do as you should,

For you’ve conquered your obstacles beautifully this year, and really you make us look good.

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12/15/16 Having this guy home for lunch every day often looks like this. #favoritetimeofday #Daddysfanclub #cracksmeup

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12/13/16 Lots of good deeds going on around here today. Getting that baby Jesus warmer and warmer with all the added straw! 😉 Thanks Uncle David Anderson, they love it! #Heisthereason #GiftsforourSavior #LighttheWorld

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12/12/16 Two of us are “doing homework”, one of us is waiting for dropped foodImeanguardingthekitchen, and one of us is making dinner. Guess which one is making snow angels on the kitchen table while she combines “I Am a Child of God” with “Old McDonald”?? That’s right, the one who wants a hippopotamus for Xmas. 🎶 “I am a child of Gooood and heee has sent me here….and on his farm he had a chicken, e i e i oooo!!” 🎶#Thingsthatkeeplifeinteresting #CamillaJane #Shesawesomelikethat#ourDearFonFonIsVeryPatient

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12/12/16That song is trouble. Me, “Milla do you even know what a Hippopotamus IS for sure?!” Milla, “yea I do. Isa animal. I want one dos”. In between each of those written things was me saying, “okay but what ELSE do you want to ask Santa for?!” #CamillaJanesLetterToSanta #TrulyThisIsAllSheWouldSay

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12/11/16 Milla selfies. 😱, 😡, 😊,😭 , and 😳 !

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12/11/16 Grace watching the introduction to the old school Disney’s Jungle Book, “wow! Don’t skip this part Mom! I LOVE this music and that beautiful jungle! I jus love it it’s like…it’s like an OPERA!!” Lol Then last night I burst back into their room after they had been put to bed because CJ started bawling. Me, “what’s the matter, what happened?” Grace swallows hard, “ooohhh…I was just tellin jokes again”. Me, “jokes that make Milla CRY?! They don’t sound like very funny ones to me! What did you say?!” G, “ohh…jus funny sings”. Me, “Grace Lucille tell me one of the funny things please, I’d like to know why your sister is so upset”. Grace looks at the floor, “jus funny sings like, ‘hey Milla I’m gonna eat Koala’ (CJ’s FAVORITE stuffed animal) funny sings like that. But maybe it wasn’t funny to Milla…I thought it was a little funny though”. Lol Stinker! #GracieLouLou #CamillaJane #sheapologized#andreassuredherpoorsister


12/10/16 They got to watch Finding Dory, and then here they are with their very first meeting with Santa Claus! Camilla Jane was about to burst into tears but then Mrs. Claus offered her a candy cane and it was all good from there. 😉Thank you Glanbia, for another super fun family event, they really had a great time! Craig Taylor

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The many nervous faces of Grace waiting to meet Santa for the very first time. She did great though. 🙂

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Waiting in line to see Santa selfie!

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Well they’ve arrived! Could she be any cuter?! #Ilovethem #GracieLou#Glasses #ignorethepapersinthebackground #Scoutnight

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12/06/16 We went to Old Navy yesterday to get some things for Camilla Jane. She socialized with all the children she could find, and declared them her best friends, climbed onto a Christmas display and sang the Happy Birthday Song at the top of her lungs(before I got her down), and repeated over and over, “I don’t YIKE clothes, no I don’t WANT a shirt I don’t YIKE them” until I found this one. Lol it says, “sisters make the best friends” and they are smitten with it! Although sometimes she tells me it says, “koala” instead. 😉 Also we found another shirt with a fox on it and she says she likes that as well, but the other ones she will wear but she doesn’t “yike”. #Millaisnotashopper#butIbetshelllovekaraoke #Sisters #lovemygirls

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12/05/16 Camilla Jane quote of the day – Today was errand day and we drove around a lot. I was hoping to finish and be home for a late lunch but I broke down around 1:30pm and decided I’d let the girls each eat a yogurt pouch in the car as they were “starving!” and we still had 2 stops on the list. We pulled over, I opened the pouches and proceeded to give a full 3 minute lecture on why it was VERY important to not spill said yogurts in Daddy’s car. I had them repeat after me and say things like, “I will be sooo careful”, I was very thorough. Two minutes into the drive and a little voice behind me goes, “ahhh! Oh no!!! I spill my yogdert evywheres!!! Ahhh dis is a mess!!!” I frantically look in the rear view mirror to witness the damage and instead I see her calmly holding her yogurt, cracking up and she finishes with, “I kidding I not spill! I jus say dat to you. I jus tell you dat.” Lol #Twoplayspranks#Shesnotoldenoughforthisstuff #CamillaJane 

I fully expect that she’s going to eventually find it and go crazy but for now I think she looks so pretty and festive! #Husbandjustsaidnosweaters#Notasweater#RosiePosie#Christmasdog#EnglishCream

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12/05/16 The quote of the morning, “no I don’t NEED to look for it, I already remember that it’s nowhere. I mean it’s none of those rooms you want me to look. I just remember that it isn’t anywhere”. Me, “ohhh…so if we aren’t going to look for your sippy cup…how are we going to find it?” G, “well…I guess we could look SOMEWHERE…I already remember it’s nowhere”. #Myheadhurts#4wantshersippycup#thatisnowhere#Ihopeitjustflystoher
12/04/16 We may have had an incident the other day where I teared up a little during a Christmas story. Grace noticed, though at the time she was very sweet and comforting. Today however we were all chatting together in the living room and I commented about all of us needing to be tough about something and she started cracking up. Me, “what’s so funny?!” G, “do you mean be tough like when you were crying over that story (erupts into laughter). Me, “hey! That was a really sad book!! What if your Dad had to go away like that little girl’s Dad did?!” Grace thinks for a minute and tries to be serious and then bursts into giggles behind her couch pillow again, “I’m sorry Mom, but it’s just so funny to me. Dads going away today (3 day work trip), I’m not gonna cry about it!” Lol You just wait little one, someday I’m going to very innocently suggest a book to you called, “Where the Red Fern Grows”. #Christmasstoriesthataresad #Gracieloulou
12/03/16 I set up a quiet watercolor corner for Grace the other day in our laundry room, to give her a break from playing with the Little’s that she was playing with. It’s been interesting to see the subtle therapy that it has turned into for her. Lol When cheering up her hangry little sister this morning failed, she started to get really frustrated and then stops herself and says, “it’s okay Mom, I’m fine. She’s just hungry”. Then she disappears for a little while and comes out with a rainbow picture for me, “here Mom this picture is for you, because it has a big sun in it”. Then she turns to Camilla Jane with a similar, but very different, picture for her. G, “Camilla Jane this ones for you, because it has a lot of rain and a ton of clouds!” Haha Luckily the hangry baby was being fed at that point and felt very flattered. 😉#whenGraciepaints #Lifewithgirls


12/02/16Well it’s 11:30am and I’ve done nothing. Nothing that is except read the library books we collected yesterday to these two for three hours. #Bestmorningever #Christmasstories #theyhadablast #CamillaJane#GracieLou #RosiePosie #backtorealityifwemust

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12/01/16  A dark and windy 30 degrees, but super Dad’s little helpers stuck it out the whole time. CJ, “I too told (cold), Mom!” Me, “okay let’s go inside and have some cocoa, you’ve been out here long enough, Honey”. CJ, “no I not, I has to help dat Dad!” #Thatsdedication #Christmaslights #Mytribe

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Gracie Post


Grace went to a “princess class” that a friend of mine put on with her daughter today.  She was really excited when I told her about it, which may have been preemptive of me because Craig was not thrilled with the idea and we have a rule that we ask each other about these kinds of activities first. Oops. After our girls saw, “Frozen” we put a ban on all Disney princess movies. I don’t care for the messages they send for many reasons, but this was not to be a Disney party per say, and luckily Craig was okay with it if I was, because otherwise I would have had one sad 4 year old on my hands. She put on her favorite “princess” dress and begged me to crimp her hair, which I did, and we took off. Craig was home for lunch right before I needed to leave and agreed to watch Camilla Jane for me while I dropped Grace off with the caution that he had to be back to work soon and would I make sure that I hurried quickly as he couldn’t be late. No problem, just run her over and drop her off. Well we got there and IMG_20160816_170336.jpgand suddenly the princess was not leaving. She started bawling as we walked in and kept bawling for a little while. She really wanted me to stay, but I really really couldn’t and I finally had to take her back to the car with me saying that maybe when she was a little older she would be ready for princess parties. She tearfully said, “I’m 4, how old are those other girls?” I said, “well some of them are 4 too, but they might just be ready and you are not. And that’s okay” After that though she wanted to try again so I let her, but I’m not going to lie she had barely dried her eyes when I was running to the car. I ran home, and Craig was able to take off. When I went to pick her up, she was all sunshine and rainbows again and generously gave her sister the cute flower and crown that she had been given at the class. We weren’t even to the car yet though before she tugged on my hang and then suddenly blurted out, “will you just miss me?!” Me, “what?” G, “will you just promise to miss me when I’m gone at LEAST?!” lol Poor girl, she probably thought I was trying to get rid of her. Me, “Grace?! I ALWAYS miss you when you’re gone! Honey, sometimes when you and Milla are just in the play room for too long…I come in and build with blocks. Do you know why I do that? Cause I already missed you and you weren’t even GONE!” She gave me a big hug when I put her in her car seat and seemed to feel better after that. Silly princess, if I don’t try to pack myself into your suit case when you go off to college it will be a miracle!

IMG_20160816_170255.jpgWhen we got home we had a cuddle session while we debriefed about the cupcakes, and the hand painting she had and all the other girls who were in their beautiful dresses etc. My favorite quote from that was, “Mom is it ‘this little piggy went wee wee?’ Or, ‘this little piggy went wee wee wee all da way home?’ So are there 2 or 3 wee’s in dat song?” lol So precise and particular.

My Circus My Monkeys…

Gracie Post

Grace has been using her blocks to build, “temples”. Every time Craig has asked her if she is building a tower she says, “no Dad it’s a temple!” Well today he walks into the play room with all of us in there building and says, “Grace, it looks beautiful, is that your temple?!” Grace giggles into her hand and then goes, “Dad, this isn’t a temple! This is a bathroom!” #mybad #templebathroomsamething #notthesamething

Craig told Grace that Hawaii is a volcano in the middle of the ocean, “oh my gosh REALLY?! What the heck, I’m falling down right now!! Really?! Oh my sakes, that’s crazy!” #excitedmuch

Grace comes in crying from the play room, “Mom that Camilla Jane is so mean. That Camilla Jane is just. being. mean!” Me, “what happened?” Grace with tears still streaming down her face, “she called me a boy!” Trying to smother a smile, “a boy, huh? Camilla Jane, did you call Grace a boy?” Camilla, “no…I not.” In my commanding youbettercomecleanifyoudidvoice, “you didn’t? Are you SURE you didn’t say that?” Camilla Jane breaks down into giggles, “yea I did. I call her a boy. I say, ‘I’n a girl, you’s a boy!” at which point her giggles turn into full on head thrown back, mouth open laughing. And of course her older sister falls to the floor in a dramatic pile of ridiculous tears. They need brothers. #theythinkbeingcalledaboyistheworstpossibleoffense



Sometimes my girls are great at modeling for me, and some days they are not so keen on it. Today was one of the later. But man I love a good sun dress, Sunday. I keep realllly hoping that we have a few more before it starts to cool down. Another month at least please, Mother Nature?!


Some of these were pre-nap time for Ms. Camilla Jane

Don’t grow up pretty girls, don’t grow up…


Gracie Post


I’ve decided to start switching all of my little FB posts that I usually do when my girls say funny things, over to my blog. So this is the beginning of a series of posts where I just sporadically write down conversations we have. I feel like I will be able to record it for posterity a little better here, it’s more retrievable, and I want to share it with all of you! All 5 of you… 😉 But really though, feel free to share and follow and comment! Back to task at hand…

I have been really distracted this week with having classes to teach and trying to get prepped for teaching my own daughter preschool this year, so I got up this morning and announced to the fam, “we are going to have SUCH a fun day! I’m going to work out and do a quick blitz of the kitchen and then we are going to play games, and build towers, and go on walks and it’s just going to be us!” Downer practical Craig immediately chimes in amid the girls cheers of joy, “okay but what are we doing Saturday? We need to wash all the windows, and hang some pictures in Grace’s room…” Grace butts in with, “we’re hanging pictures in my room? (turns to me blankly) What pictures would we hang in my room…? (let’s be honest her minimalist mother makes her live in an empty shell) Oh! Could we hang pictures of my morning routine?! So I can remember better? Like a picture of me brushing my teeth, and a picture of me getting dressed? (mars? Jupiter? Any other guesses on which planet she came from?!)” Craig, “sure we could do that. And one where you make your bed…” Grace immediately interrupts him, “oh no, not making my bed I don’t have to do that anymore (we all stare at her), I don’t get in the covers anymore I just use my little blanket and I sleep on top and then I never have to make my bed!” haha Oldest trick in the book!…she wasn’t supposed to figure that out till high school…



Food and Video's of the girls 007

This is a copy cat recipe  that I stole from my sister. Two of my sisters are vegetarian, and all of them are amazing cooks, I kind of won the jack pot in that regard. And I never skip on an opportunity for one of them to make me food. 😉 My little sister Camilla made this up randomly one night while I was hanging out with her. She took a bunch of banana squash at my Mom’s house and made us tacos out of it. I was SO surprised with how awesome it was and immediately went home and tinkered with it, until I my husband begged me to stop, but he does love this recipe. Just maybe not every day for 2 weeks… :/

Two ingredients NOT to skip. Smoked paprika, and the sweetener. Making a really healthy meal and then putting in 2 T. of sugar just goes against the grain, doesn’t it? But I promise you that this recipe NEEDS the balance of the sugar with the lime juice, and it also caramelizes the squash in a truly glorious way. SO use maple syrup, or organic local honey, or whatever floats your boat, but don’t just leave it out completely. Last tip, don’t skimp on toppings. This squash is fantastic, but if you want your family to get the truly “taco” experience with squash, my advice is chop up some lettuce, bust out the sour cream or greek yogurt, get some good salsa, or make some pico de gallo (tomatoes, chopped onion, cilantro and lime juice, it’s awesome),  and guacamole etc. It will make them feel right at home with this meal.

1 Butternut Squash or 1 large acorn squash or 3-4 C. banana squash

1-2 C. water

2 T. olive oil

2 bell peppers of your choice

1 yellow or white onion

2 tsp. minced garlic

1-2 T. sugar to taste (or honey or maple syrup)

1-2 T. chili powder

2T. smoked paprika

Juice from one lime

Peel and chop your squash and place it in a covered pot on medium-high heat with the water and a tsp. of salt. Let it steam until the squash is very tender

In a large sauce pan, heat your olive oil over medium heat. Add your onions, peppers, garlic and saute until nice and soft and lightly charred (think fajitas).

When the squash is well steamed, place in a blender or use a stick blender to pulse until smooth. Then add it to your onion and pepper mixture, and mix in all the remaining ingredients.

Food and Video's of the girls 001.JPG

When you’re about done it should look like this, be brave you’re trying new things!

Taste and adjust seasonings as needed, you will probably need a little more salt and pepper at this point. And remember that chili powder gets spicier in oil and as it heats up in your pan, so wait until the end to add additional seasonings and adjust to your families taste.

Prepare the tortillas of your choice and top with all of your favorite taco trimmings.


The Four year old prefers hers on nachos with sour cream, and she loves it. 🙂


Light Creamy Asparagus Soup

Creamy Spring Asparagus Soup

Food! I have been meaning to get back into posting recipes, but I have been so distracted as of late. I’ve been teaching cooking classes in my home, which has been so fun, but taken a lot of time in preparation etc. I thought today though that it was about time that I shared some of the recipes I have taught recently. One night was an adult night where I shared 4 vegetarian recipes. I didn’t want to just give them something meatless, I wanted them to have a few meals where veggies really get to shine, which should be almost all of our food, but I won’t go there. 😉 Some I invented, or my sister invented, this one was a great one that I found on another blog recently. My only advice on this soup is buy great ingredients. When you have a really complex recipe with a lot of different flavors coming from many directions, you can often easily get away with throwing in some stale produce, or using low grade olive oil, but the fewer the ingredient list, the more careful you need to be with what you put in it. So for this that means using a good vegetable stock instead of a boullion cube if possible, the best olive oil you have, and really good cheese for serving. Also the peas you’ve had in your freezer for a couple of generations, should probably go, and I don’t mean in the soup. Get the best asparagus you can find (that doesn’t mean most expensive, just pick it wisely at the super market), and I promise you won’t regret it. The asparagus really gets a chance to shine in this soup! It’s really delightful and not too strong, and tastes very creamy, without any dairy. A couple women seemed hesitant to try it, but mentioned that they ended up loving it and were surprised, so be bold and try new things! 😉

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 leek, cleaned and thinly sliced

1 clove of garlic, chopped

1 1/2 pounds asparagus, woody ends broken off and cut into 1-2 inch pieces

1/2 cup frozen peas

Pinch of red pepper flakes (optional)

Kosher salt and black pepper to taste

4 cups low sodium chicken or vegetable broth

1 cup water

1 cup plain non-fat or 2% Greek yogurt (I used cashew cream)

     Shaved or grated Parmesan cheese for topping the soup (I used a strong Romano and it was wonderful as well)

     Heat the olive oil in a large pot over medium-high heat. When the pot is hot add in the leek, garlic, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper and sautè for 3 minutes or until the leek starts to soften. Add in the chopped asparagus and sautè another 3-4 minutes. Add in the frozen peas, pour in the chicken or vegetable broth and water and bring to a boil. When the soup is boiling, cover with a lid, lower the heat to medium-low and simmer for 20 minutes or until the asparagus is very tender. Remove from the heat and use an immersion stick or blender to blend the soup until it is smooth. Stir in the Greek yogurt (or your cashew cream) and season with more salt and pepper to taste. Transfer to serving bowls and top with Parmesan cheese.


Ritter Island

We had such a fun day! I’m going to keep the commentary to a minimum tonight. I feel like our day can stand on its own with pictures. I’ll just say that my Dad is in town again, and we’ve loved having him! I’ll also give a quick background, Ritter Island is an area about 45 minutes out of Twin that has lots of very clear, COLD water from underground springs. It’s beautiful and we love it!

Nature is so therapeutic, this really was what the Dr. ordered for us today.

Making the girls pose by the water falls on our little hike

Craig wanting me to take selfies. lol He kept saying, “Honey I have a new phone. This is what people DO with new phones, they take selfies!” Well alright then…

Group Photos. You’ll notice that Grace is very sad in these. 😦 Poor girl got into some stinging nettle and was in a lot of pain for about 20-30 minutes before it seemed to settle down.


On the little hike back from the water fall with the girls Camilla Jane said, “Mom Inna be naked and git in dat water and go swimming swimming” haha I was pretty surprised because I think this is the first river that she has played in. And…that’s what she did! She LOVED this water. I’m going to reiterate, this water was COLD. It’s basically melted ice water, but Camilla Jane went up to her neck in it. We took Grace here a couple of years ago and she got her feet wet but that was about it lol. Camilla Jane is the family dare devil for sure, she was really sad when we finally had to leave, but man she was fun to play with while we were there.

When they’re older I promise not to let them swim in their undies. Little cuties. 🙂


My Dad and the Ginger hanging out on the rocks


Mr. Taylor helping baby Jane get ready to swim

Playing with my little fish


This picture is my favorite. Haha! I had no idea when Craig was taking this, that my little fish was being swept away. I laughed out loud when I saw it on his phone. Poor girl, I’m so glad I didn’t let go of her! Baby chub floats quite well. lol

Over all a great summer afternoon. I hope we get a few more in before this glorious heat leaves us for another season. 🙂





Having a new puppy has been challenging. Like having a newborn is challenging. In large part because children and dogs have wayyy too much in common. Potty training for instance. Some days we go 2 days without any accidents and I start to let myself hope that she’s getting there and then the next day there are 4 accidents in the same afternoon and I’m ready to pull my hair out! Now which one was I talking about there, the dog or Camilla Jane? See what I mean!? I also get frustrated with how often I am uttering the phrase, “drop it” these days. Also like babies, everything goes in her mouth. Everything! That’s what the phrase came from. The training books say to pick something simple and only one or two words if possible, but I would have come up with something more fun to say if I’d realized I would be using it 24/7. It also doesn’t seem to apply as universally as I would like. For instance, “drop it” works well when you want her to let go of a ball, or “please put down that couch pillow”, but “drop it” when you want her to stop chewing on the couch, or would feel rather better if she would chew less on your daughters arm, doesn’t feel quite right somehow. I suggested the term, “that’s the worst” to my husband, but was turned down. Still I think saying, “Rosie that’s the worst” when she’s eating Camilla Jane, would be a lot more entertaining and less insulting for the poor Camilla. However, for a puppy she has done remarkably well! And I wanted to share a little moment from this morning that melted my heart. Some of you are going to roll your eyes on a large scale very soon, but you probably hate kittens and Christmas, so I’m not writing to you anyways. 😉

Grace had a really large rough patch today. It was almost noon and I still hadn’t showered from working out. I had also been helping her clean the toy room and was ready for my mad rush to get ready and make lunch and, pretendeverythingwasgoingseamlesslybeforehusbandgothome, let’s be honest I do that a lot, when she got in an argument with Camilla Jane and just lost it. She has moments lately where she gets really really emotional, and this was one of those. We talked, and I showed love and direction as best I could and she still just turned into a gooey, pathetic, puddle on the floor and refused to be comforted or listen to reason. It went on for about 20 minutes, I was out of time and I got frustrated and left her in her room with the door open, telling her that I was going to shower. If she wanted to get it together and be happy, I’d love to see her, and if not, she wasn’t to leave there and I would talk with her when I got out. I went and showered, but I felt awful the whole time, worrying that I’d been too heartless, going through what I could have done better, what should I do next time instead, and praying she wasn’t crying still. I got out and had just finished dressing when Grace burst through the door and came and gave me a great big hug. I was pretty surprised, but even more surprised when I held her and realized how calm she was. Mom’s are pretty good at sensing feelings, and she felt whole to me again. Me, “well how are you? I sure love you, I’m so glad you’re happy now!” She beamed at me and then in a hushed tone, “Mom, can I tell you bout something? Rosie made me happy. Rosie did it.” I was pretty surprised and asked her what she was talking about. This is what happened in her words as best as I can write them, “Mom I was sitting in my room crying and I was so sad and she just came and sat on me! She sat in my lap and she didn’t try to chew on me or lick me or be crazy, she just sat in my lap and Mom I cried on her! I got tears all over Rosie’s head and she didn’t even care, she just let me hold her head and hug and cry on her and get tears on her and then I stopped. I wasn’t sad anymore and when I stopped being sad Rosie just got up and went outside and I missed her, I didn’t want her to go outside, but I wasn’t sad. She really helped me!” She was beaming! No Fido didn’t save her from a run away train or a big bear in Alaska lol but I was pretty proud of little Rosie. I have no doubt that she senses our emotions a lot, but sitting calmly IN Grace’s lap is not something she likes to normally do. I’m really grateful that the girls are learning to love and have a relationship with an animal, it makes my heart happy.  It also gives me hope that my crazy, silly, rambunctious pup is going to turn into a really great dog someday, maybe even one that never pee’s in my house. 😉 That maybe chews less on shoes in the future too…yes please…less shoe chewing..


Sweet Rosie


My Dad stopped by this weekend! Craig and I (more Craig, less I), were in the middle of building Rosie a dog house, and my Dad shot me a text and said he had a few days if we wanted him to come stay; I love when he visits! IMG_20160718_150847 I tried to talk his other half into joining us, but her existence in every season but the frozen one, centers around keeping her vegetable and flower gardens, and yard, looking like they escaped from a photo shopped horticulture magazine; and she succeeds. SO, I accepted her condolences and my Dad brought their 5 year old german sheperd/lab mix instead. To say I prefer the woman over the dog is underselling it, but Mitsy (photograph left) seemed to have a good time, so it’s all good.

IMG_20160718_145344I felt like I had slipped back into my childhood a little, only instead of working outside on random projects with my Dad and older brother David, it was my Dad and Husband. I’m not going to lie, I feel like I made memories this weekend. Watching my two favorite male humans in their element joking and teasing each other was a treat for me. One of them, gave me through his constant upright example, the ideals that I carried with me when I was looking for the person I wanted to build a life with, and the other lives up to those ideals every day. Pretty lucky. The girls really enjoyed the whole scene too and I think we’re going to have one spoiled pup by the time we’re done. My Dad kept referring to it as, “the doggy mansion” lol and asking us when we were going to install the AC unit. I think if we needed anything it would be a heater…


It is all framed and covered now, but isn’t finished yet. I’m hoping to do the reveal post on it in a couple of weeks though.

The girls had a lot of fun playing around everyone and “hammering nails” with their pretend hammers, but Camilla Jane was not overly fond of all of the loud saws.


This is her, “cuddle me and don’t make me look” face, saved for occasions involving loud noises, vacuums and weed wackers being among the worst offenders.

Saturday morning we went to D&B Supply to get the panels for the fence around the dog house, and the girls and I had fun looking around while Craig was in the back getting what he needed.

Okay, so we may have gotten bored and tried on cowboy boots…

They both thought they were pretty cool. Grace, “oh my gosh Mom, Camilla Jane’s boots light up when she walks!!!” And they did…they totally did. lol

Next we were all starving to death so we took “Grandaddy” to…you guessed it. Ketchum Burritos. Someday we’ll branch out and try a new restaurant, but right now it’s the only place in Twin Falls I will eat out. Not WILL eat out, just CHOOSE to eat out. It’s our favorite and we try to save eating out for only very special occasions, which ends up meaning that we never get sick of it and always take guests there.

Camilla Jane kept Grandaddy very busy during his meal. Good thing he’s a pro.


Silly bearded man.

And a few in the car selfies since riding in the back with them seldom happens these days. Also notice the sucker in Grace’s hand. Not only did D&B have bunnies (failed to take pictures, dumb, dumb, dumb!) AND cowgirl boots that light up when you walk, but the lady at the counter handed them suckers as we were leaving. I usually prefer adults that ask me first, in which case I would have actually said no since it was almost nap time, but she didn’t and that’s okay. They definitely walked out the door feeling like they were leaving a magical place.

We also fit in a walk while my Dad was here which the girls loved. The pup got to experience her first water splash pad and the girls had such a fun time running around and of course pushing an empty stroller cause that’s why we BRING strollers on walks… IMG_20160718_150921.jpg

Most of the walk photos didn’t turn out very well, but afterwards we went home for nap time.

Over all it was a really great weekend and we were so sad to see him go when he took off, Sunday afternoon.

Come back soon Grandaddy, we miss you!