Gracie Post


Grace went to a “princess class” that a friend of mine put on with her daughter today.  She was really excited when I told her about it, which may have been preemptive of me because Craig was not thrilled with the idea and we have a rule that we ask each other about these kinds of activities first. Oops. After our girls saw, “Frozen” we put a ban on all Disney princess movies. I don’t care for the messages they send for many reasons, but this was not to be a Disney party per say, and luckily Craig was okay with it if I was, because otherwise I would have had one sad 4 year old on my hands. She put on her favorite “princess” dress and begged me to crimp her hair, which I did, and we took off. Craig was home for lunch right before I needed to leave and agreed to watch Camilla Jane for me while I dropped Grace off with the caution that he had to be back to work soon and would I make sure that I hurried quickly as he couldn’t be late. No problem, just run her over and drop her off. Well we got there and IMG_20160816_170336.jpgand suddenly the princess was not leaving. She started bawling as we walked in and kept bawling for a little while. She really wanted me to stay, but I really really couldn’t and I finally had to take her back to the car with me saying that maybe when she was a little older she would be ready for princess parties. She tearfully said, “I’m 4, how old are those other girls?” I said, “well some of them are 4 too, but they might just be ready and you are not. And that’s okay” After that though she wanted to try again so I let her, but I’m not going to lie she had barely dried her eyes when I was running to the car. I ran home, and Craig was able to take off. When I went to pick her up, she was all sunshine and rainbows again and generously gave her sister the cute flower and crown that she had been given at the class. We weren’t even to the car yet though before she tugged on my hang and then suddenly blurted out, “will you just miss me?!” Me, “what?” G, “will you just promise to miss me when I’m gone at LEAST?!” lol Poor girl, she probably thought I was trying to get rid of her. Me, “Grace?! I ALWAYS miss you when you’re gone! Honey, sometimes when you and Milla are just in the play room for too long…I come in and build with blocks. Do you know why I do that? Cause I already missed you and you weren’t even GONE!” She gave me a big hug when I put her in her car seat and seemed to feel better after that. Silly princess, if I don’t try to pack myself into your suit case when you go off to college it will be a miracle!

IMG_20160816_170255.jpgWhen we got home we had a cuddle session while we debriefed about the cupcakes, and the hand painting she had and all the other girls who were in their beautiful dresses etc. My favorite quote from that was, “Mom is it ‘this little piggy went wee wee?’ Or, ‘this little piggy went wee wee wee all da way home?’ So are there 2 or 3 wee’s in dat song?” lol So precise and particular.

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