Gracie Post

Grace has been using her blocks to build, “temples”. Every time Craig has asked her if she is building a tower she says, “no Dad it’s a temple!” Well today he walks into the play room with all of us in there building and says, “Grace, it looks beautiful, is that your temple?!” Grace giggles into her hand and then goes, “Dad, this isn’t a temple! This is a bathroom!” #mybad #templebathroomsamething #notthesamething

Craig told Grace that Hawaii is a volcano in the middle of the ocean, “oh my gosh REALLY?! What the heck, I’m falling down right now!! Really?! Oh my sakes, that’s crazy!” #excitedmuch

Grace comes in crying from the play room, “Mom that Camilla Jane is so mean. That Camilla Jane is just. being. mean!” Me, “what happened?” Grace with tears still streaming down her face, “she called me a boy!” Trying to smother a smile, “a boy, huh? Camilla Jane, did you call Grace a boy?” Camilla, “no…I not.” In my commanding youbettercomecleanifyoudidvoice, “you didn’t? Are you SURE you didn’t say that?” Camilla Jane breaks down into giggles, “yea I did. I call her a boy. I say, ‘I’n a girl, you’s a boy!” at which point her giggles turn into full on head thrown back, mouth open laughing. And of course her older sister falls to the floor in a dramatic pile of ridiculous tears. They need brothers. #theythinkbeingcalledaboyistheworstpossibleoffense


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