Gracie Post


I’ve decided to start switching all of my little FB posts that I usually do when my girls say funny things, over to my blog. So this is the beginning of a series of posts where I just sporadically write down conversations we have. I feel like I will be able to record it for posterity a little better here, it’s more retrievable, and I want to share it with all of you! All 5 of you… 😉 But really though, feel free to share and follow and comment! Back to task at hand…

I have been really distracted this week with having classes to teach and trying to get prepped for teaching my own daughter preschool this year, so I got up this morning and announced to the fam, “we are going to have SUCH a fun day! I’m going to work out and do a quick blitz of the kitchen and then we are going to play games, and build towers, and go on walks and it’s just going to be us!” Downer practical Craig immediately chimes in amid the girls cheers of joy, “okay but what are we doing Saturday? We need to wash all the windows, and hang some pictures in Grace’s room…” Grace butts in with, “we’re hanging pictures in my room? (turns to me blankly) What pictures would we hang in my room…? (let’s be honest her minimalist mother makes her live in an empty shell) Oh! Could we hang pictures of my morning routine?! So I can remember better? Like a picture of me brushing my teeth, and a picture of me getting dressed? (mars? Jupiter? Any other guesses on which planet she came from?!)” Craig, “sure we could do that. And one where you make your bed…” Grace immediately interrupts him, “oh no, not making my bed I don’t have to do that anymore (we all stare at her), I don’t get in the covers anymore I just use my little blanket and I sleep on top and then I never have to make my bed!” haha Oldest trick in the book!…she wasn’t supposed to figure that out till high school…


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