Ritter Island

We had such a fun day! I’m going to keep the commentary to a minimum tonight. I feel like our day can stand on its own with pictures. I’ll just say that my Dad is in town again, and we’ve loved having him! I’ll also give a quick background, Ritter Island is an area about 45 minutes out of Twin that has lots of very clear, COLD water from underground springs. It’s beautiful and we love it!

Nature is so therapeutic, this really was what the Dr. ordered for us today.

Making the girls pose by the water falls on our little hike

Craig wanting me to take selfies. lol He kept saying, “Honey I have a new phone. This is what people DO with new phones, they take selfies!” Well alright then…

Group Photos. You’ll notice that Grace is very sad in these. 😦 Poor girl got into some stinging nettle and was in a lot of pain for about 20-30 minutes before it seemed to settle down.


On the little hike back from the water fall with the girls Camilla Jane said, “Mom Inna be naked and git in dat water and go swimming swimming” haha I was pretty surprised because I think this is the first river that she has played in. And…that’s what she did! She LOVED this water. I’m going to reiterate, this water was COLD. It’s basically melted ice water, but Camilla Jane went up to her neck in it. We took Grace here a couple of years ago and she got her feet wet but that was about it lol. Camilla Jane is the family dare devil for sure, she was really sad when we finally had to leave, but man she was fun to play with while we were there.

When they’re older I promise not to let them swim in their undies. Little cuties. 🙂


My Dad and the Ginger hanging out on the rocks


Mr. Taylor helping baby Jane get ready to swim

Playing with my little fish


This picture is my favorite. Haha! I had no idea when Craig was taking this, that my little fish was being swept away. I laughed out loud when I saw it on his phone. Poor girl, I’m so glad I didn’t let go of her! Baby chub floats quite well. lol

Over all a great summer afternoon. I hope we get a few more in before this glorious heat leaves us for another season. 🙂



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