Having a new puppy has been challenging. Like having a newborn is challenging. In large part because children and dogs have wayyy too much in common. Potty training for instance. Some days we go 2 days without any accidents and I start to let myself hope that she’s getting there and then the next day there are 4 accidents in the same afternoon and I’m ready to pull my hair out! Now which one was I talking about there, the dog or Camilla Jane? See what I mean!? I also get frustrated with how often I am uttering the phrase, “drop it” these days. Also like babies, everything goes in her mouth. Everything! That’s what the phrase came from. The training books say to pick something simple and only one or two words if possible, but I would have come up with something more fun to say if I’d realized I would be using it 24/7. It also doesn’t seem to apply as universally as I would like. For instance, “drop it” works well when you want her to let go of a ball, or “please put down that couch pillow”, but “drop it” when you want her to stop chewing on the couch, or would feel rather better if she would chew less on your daughters arm, doesn’t feel quite right somehow. I suggested the term, “that’s the worst” to my husband, but was turned down. Still I think saying, “Rosie that’s the worst” when she’s eating Camilla Jane, would be a lot more entertaining and less insulting for the poor Camilla. However, for a puppy she has done remarkably well! And I wanted to share a little moment from this morning that melted my heart. Some of you are going to roll your eyes on a large scale very soon, but you probably hate kittens and Christmas, so I’m not writing to you anyways. πŸ˜‰

Grace had a really large rough patch today. It was almost noon and I still hadn’t showered from working out. I had also been helping her clean the toy room and was ready for my mad rush to get ready and make lunch and, pretendeverythingwasgoingseamlesslybeforehusbandgothome, let’s be honest I do that a lot, when she got in an argument with Camilla Jane and just lost it. She has moments lately where she gets really really emotional, and this was one of those. We talked, and I showed love and direction as best I could and she still just turned into a gooey, pathetic, puddle on the floor and refused to be comforted or listen to reason. It went on for about 20 minutes, I was out of time and I got frustrated and left her in her room with the door open, telling her that I was going to shower. If she wanted to get it together and be happy, I’d love to see her, and if not, she wasn’t to leave there and I would talk with her when I got out. I went and showered, but I felt awful the whole time, worrying that I’d been too heartless, going through what I could have done better, what should I do next time instead, and praying she wasn’t crying still. I got out and had just finished dressing when Grace burst through the door and came and gave me a great big hug. I was pretty surprised, but even more surprised when I held her and realized how calm she was. Mom’s are pretty good at sensing feelings, and she felt whole to me again. Me, “well how are you? I sure love you, I’m so glad you’re happy now!” She beamed at me and then in a hushed tone, “Mom, can I tell you bout something? Rosie made me happy. Rosie did it.” I was pretty surprised and asked her what she was talking about. This is what happened in her words as best as I can write them, “Mom I was sitting in my room crying and I was so sad and she just came and sat on me! She sat in my lap and she didn’t try to chew on me or lick me or be crazy, she just sat in my lap and Mom I cried on her! I got tears all over Rosie’s head and she didn’t even care, she just let me hold her head and hug and cry on her and get tears on her and then I stopped. I wasn’t sad anymore and when I stopped being sad Rosie just got up and went outside and I missed her, I didn’t want her to go outside, but I wasn’t sad. She really helped me!” She was beaming! No Fido didn’t save her from a run away train or a big bear in Alaska lol but I was pretty proud of little Rosie. I have no doubt that she senses our emotions a lot, but sitting calmly IN Grace’s lap is not something she likes to normally do. I’m really grateful that the girls are learning to love and have a relationship with an animal, it makes my heart happy. Β It also gives me hope that my crazy, silly, rambunctious pup is going to turn into a really great dog someday, maybe even one that never pee’s in my house. πŸ˜‰ That maybe chews less on shoes in the future too…yes please…less shoe chewing..


Sweet Rosie

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