My Dad stopped by this weekend! Craig and I (more Craig, less I), were in the middle of building Rosie a dog house, and my Dad shot me a text and said he had a few days if we wanted him to come stay; I love when he visits! IMG_20160718_150847 I tried to talk his other half into joining us, but her existence in every season but the frozen one, centers around keeping her vegetable and flower gardens, and yard, looking like they escaped from a photo shopped horticulture magazine; and she succeeds. SO, I accepted her condolences and my Dad brought their 5 year old german sheperd/lab mix instead. To say I prefer the woman over the dog is underselling it, but Mitsy (photograph left) seemed to have a good time, so it’s all good.

IMG_20160718_145344I felt like I had slipped back into my childhood a little, only instead of working outside on random projects with my Dad and older brother David, it was my Dad and Husband. I’m not going to lie, I feel like I made memories this weekend. Watching my two favorite male humans in their element joking and teasing each other was a treat for me. One of them, gave me through his constant upright example, the ideals that I carried with me when I was looking for the person I wanted to build a life with, and the other lives up to those ideals every day. Pretty lucky. The girls really enjoyed the whole scene too and I think we’re going to have one spoiled pup by the time we’re done. My Dad kept referring to it as, “the doggy mansion” lol and asking us when we were going to install the AC unit. I think if we needed anything it would be a heater…


It is all framed and covered now, but isn’t finished yet. I’m hoping to do the reveal post on it in a couple of weeks though.

The girls had a lot of fun playing around everyone and “hammering nails” with their pretend hammers, but Camilla Jane was not overly fond of all of the loud saws.


This is her, “cuddle me and don’t make me look” face, saved for occasions involving loud noises, vacuums and weed wackers being among the worst offenders.

Saturday morning we went to D&B Supply to get the panels for the fence around the dog house, and the girls and I had fun looking around while Craig was in the back getting what he needed.

Okay, so we may have gotten bored and tried on cowboy boots…

They both thought they were pretty cool. Grace, “oh my gosh Mom, Camilla Jane’s boots light up when she walks!!!” And they did…they totally did. lol

Next we were all starving to death so we took “Grandaddy” to…you guessed it. Ketchum Burritos. Someday we’ll branch out and try a new restaurant, but right now it’s the only place in Twin Falls I will eat out. Not WILL eat out, just CHOOSE to eat out. It’s our favorite and we try to save eating out for only very special occasions, which ends up meaning that we never get sick of it and always take guests there.

Camilla Jane kept Grandaddy very busy during his meal. Good thing he’s a pro.


Silly bearded man.

And a few in the car selfies since riding in the back with them seldom happens these days. Also notice the sucker in Grace’s hand. Not only did D&B have bunnies (failed to take pictures, dumb, dumb, dumb!) AND cowgirl boots that light up when you walk, but the lady at the counter handed them suckers as we were leaving. I usually prefer adults that ask me first, in which case I would have actually said no since it was almost nap time, but she didn’t and that’s okay. They definitely walked out the door feeling like they were leaving a magical place.

We also fit in a walk while my Dad was here which the girls loved. The pup got to experience her first water splash pad and the girls had such a fun time running around and of course pushing an empty stroller cause that’s why we BRING strollers on walks… IMG_20160718_150921.jpg

Most of the walk photos didn’t turn out very well, but afterwards we went home for nap time.

Over all it was a really great weekend and we were so sad to see him go when he took off, Sunday afternoon.

Come back soon Grandaddy, we miss you!




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