So for those of you wondering if my big reveal was going to turn out to be a baby….







You were right!!! Sort of…


Meet Rosie.

We are SO excited to add her to our family! I think she is going to be a perfect fit. I feel really surprised that she is here! Craig and I have talked about getting a dog quite a bit, but I wasn’t planning on getting one quite this soon, I am not going to lie. Here’s how she came to us…

IMG_20160706_124933.jpgFourth of July weekend for us, was spent in Utah with family and friends and Craig and I were hanging out with my little brother and sister and my Dad. We were all crashed on my parents couches together and the conversation came up of us getting a dog. I have been researching different breeds for about a year and was pretty convinced that I wanted a golden, but my Dad (who used to breed dogs) was trying to convince me that I wanted a lab. He jokingly told me that golden’s are “woosey dogs” and that I should get a lab, but when he pulled up several different larger dog breeds and we looked at them all, I kept coming back over and over again to the, “woos”. My girls are pretty calm compared to a lot of kids, and a big Labrador sounded fun, but maybe a little more than we could handle? Anyways, we all joked about it as I told him, the “woosey dogs” were probably the best fit for me. Then my little brother and sister started looking up animals for us and after about an hour of all of us searching, they both concluded, like I had, that my budget couldn’t afford what I wanted and I’d have to wait. None of this was a surprise of course to me, I’ve been searching for a while now, but the next day as Craig and I were bundled in our car with the girls (and way too much luggage for our small duration), driving back home to Twin I casually scrolled through more animals. I found a killer deal on some golden retriever puppies, but even before I texted about them there was something in the back of my head saying, “nope, this isn’t it” just like every other time. Sure enough when I texted the number given, someone immediately wanted personal info and it became pretty obvious that it was another scam. Bleh, always the excitement and then the fall!

I told Craig, and we were both a tad disappointed and I told myself again that it must not be the right time and put the whole idea on the shelf in my brain titled, “patience, don’t touch”. But for some reason this time I couldn’t let it go! I wanted to let it go, I kept starting over and over again to unpack but something just kept nagging me. I needed to get my phone out and look AGAIN. “I’ve looked!” I kept thinking, but it wasn’t going away, so for about the thousandth time I pulled out my Android, sat on the edge of my bed, that was covered in clothes pulled from suitcases, and scrolled through more ads. Up popped on ad from someone with 3 puppies for sale, 2 female, 1 male (we wanted a female), and the price was a little steep, but the cheapest I’d found by several hundred dollars. I don’t know why I’d never seen it before.IMG_20160706_124600 I looked at the pictures of the Mom and Dad, they were gorgeous, and the 2 girl puppies and was impressed with the ad. When I looked at “puppy #10” she just. looked. perfect. I know it sounds weird to say all of this about a family pet, but there was just something about her that just clicked. I pulled Grace in to get a second opinion and without saying anything said, “which of these puppies do you like, Grace?” I figured that they all looked so similar, especially to a 4 year old, but she didn’t say anything as I showed her the other two and then immediately looked at #10’s picture and said, “that one Mom! I LOVE that puppy, we should get her!”  So I cautiously texted the breeder and it all sounded refreshingly normal. IMG_20160706_124735She didn’t want me to immediately send money to her off shore account, and when I said that we were particularly interested in puppy #10 she replied, “oh she is my absolute favorite. She is a little shy at first, but when she’s comfortable and feeling safe, she is very fun and friendly”. That kind of sealed it for me, this was our dog. I texted Craig a series of ridiculous sounding texts, very much taking on the voice of a pleading spoiled child, and because he’s Craig he sent me an avalanche of questions and concerns and about dashed my hopes and then showed up at the door with the money in one hand and a new crate in the other. I was planning on going to get her the next day if he was on board, but he had to work and he was not going to miss out. SO because we are CRAZY we loaded our girls up in the car at 6:00pm in the evening, after they had just gotten home a couple hours before and drove 2 hours and 20 minutes to a beautiful farm area out in Firth, Idaho. IMG_20160706_124643The other puppies came rushing up to us wagging their whole back ends and going crazy, but little Rosie kept going back over to her Daddy’s pen trying to snuggle him through the fence.  It was a little sad, but she didn’t cry very much driving home and snuggled with me the whole way. It was 11:30pm when we drove into the garage and unloaded her and the girls, but she has been doing great. She slept in her crate snuggled up with a ticking clock, some blankets and the stuffed animal that was given to us with her Mother’s scent on it, and today she has been very shy of Craig and the girls but has just followed me everywhere. She doesn’t try to jump on me or go crazy for attention, she just walks literally between my legs, and then sits quietly while I am doing dishes and other things. She pooped and has peed several times, but has only had 1 little accident in the house, and I am pretty sure it was because I wasn’t paying attention and had shut the back door. So potty training is in the works, and so is a dog house since she will be spending most of her time outside once she is feeling more comfortable.  More updates to come, but yea! For being only 12 weeks old, she really is the biggest sweetie ever!


AKC English Creme Golden Retriever Puppies

Rosie’s Mama

AKC English Creme Golden Retriever Puppies

Rosie’s Papa


Rosie. Kind of cracks me up that she is such a timid one though. Turns out I really love my “woosey” dog. 😉

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