Butternut Squash, Sausage Hash

IMG_20160626_205712.jpgHere is the promised “birthday hash” as we’ve begun to call it. It’s a really warm, comforting dish that we will definitely be revisiting in the Fall, but even for a Summer breakfast, it was fantastic. The squash keeps it from being too heavy and adds a nice smooth, almost sweet quality that the spicy sausage counters so well. Top the whole heap with a poached egg complete with the perfect rich and  runny center and you’re in business.

The recipe I adapted this from is on pinterest here. Instead of doing the frittata though, I stuck with the hash though for personal preference. I feel like when you scramble up eggs and then cook them in a pan without fluffing them like regular scrambled eggs, or when they get baked, that the edges get kind of yucky and I overall just feel like the texture gets rough or something. As mentioned before though, just my personal preference, so if you don’t like poached eggs, go with the link above!

How I made my hash,

Half a tube or about 1 1/2 C. breakfast sausage

3C. diced butternut squash

1 purple onion, diced

1 small container of crimini mushrooms finely chopped

2T. Garlic

2T. avocado oil or ghee

2 tsp. Chili Powder

1T. Smoked Paprika

Salt and Pepper to taste (this is going to vary

depending on your sausage)

1 T. Pure Maple Syrup

5 eggs

Preheat your oven to 400.

For this I pulled out my new cast iron skillet. I am not going to lie I was pretty excited to finally start using it. Start by chopping your squash, onions and mushrooms into separate piles and place all of your squash in a sauce pan. Add some water to cover the bottom of the pan by a generous inch, add a dash of salt, and then place it, covered, on medium/high heat to steam until tender. Then place your cast iron skillet or stove to oven dish onto your stove and heat up your oil, again over medium high heat. Throw in your chopped onions and your garlic and your sausage and cook it all together until the onions are nice and tender and your sausage is just barely cooked through. The last 2 or 3 minutes, add in your chopped mushrooms. Bell peppers and apples would also be really great in this, I didn’t have either on hand though, so use your imagination, don’t limit yourself!

Next I added in my cubed squash and all of my seasonings and the syrup and tossed it in the pan to combine. Too much stirring and it will become a big blob (a yummy big blob, but still). Next, turn off your heat and add 5 little craters evenly around your pan, and carefully crack your eggs into them. Throw the whole thing covered with foil into your preheated oven and check on it after about 10 minutes. It may take an addition 5-10, but basically you want your white to be cooked to the touch, but leave a nice running yolk in the center.

I had a little helper while making this one, as you can see. 😉



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