Birthday Man

Happy Birthday Mr. Taylor!!!

I feel a little like this is a bit of a repeat. lol Fathers day being the week before Craig’s 30 birthday has been fun though, he’s easy to want to celebrate. I got the girls up this morning and they ran in for some snuggles, as per usual on Sunday mornings. They were both really tired though so we all piled up on the bed and slept in a tiny bit longer. They seldom allow moments like this, so we took full advantage of the extra zzz’s.


Love this one, so precious.


So sweet.


Okay Dad, enough of that sleeping stuff, get up and open presents!

Okay, no more celebrations buddy, you’re breaking the bank over here 😉 jk. A new camel pack for his mountain biking trips.

Next we had some breakfast. Having Father’s day AND his birthday fall during our first whole30, paleo food challenge, has been tough for this guy. A diet with zero sugars, zero dairy, zero flours, grains, beans, legumes or anything like that, makes celebratory food a different experience for sure. I really wanted to come up with some things he would enjoy though, and I feel like breakfast really delivered. I will be revisiting this recipe in the fall on a very cold day for sure, if not much sooner.


I’m not going to tell you how I made it on this post, but I’ll include a link here for the recipe. It was a butternut squash and sausage hash, and it was AWESOME! I find sausage too rich quite often, but there was so much spicy warm flavor in this dish, that it complimented perfectly, and really was a winner.

I included a breakfast smoothie to keep it balanced and light and the combo was pretty great. Craig was really happy.

Next we made ANOTHER mad dash to get to church (big sigh). Kind of tough to get in celebratory traditions in the morning. And we ended up being late..AND we had to walk in during the opening hymn with the only pew open being the second row from the front. Next week will be a little more calm I hope! Camilla Jane was especially animated today. All of the young children 4 and up, including Gracie were invited to go up to the front and sing a song and Gracie went and stood next to her cute friend Matthew. She came back down and told me smilingly that, “Matthew’s Mom was smiling at me the WHOLE time, Mom!” Me, “um…well you were standing right next to Matthew, do you think she was maybe smiling at Matthew, too?” Grace, “oh! haha I guess, but she was really smiley, I liked it”. Right as she returned, Camilla Jane who had been jumping up and down saying very loudly, “where’s Gace, I want to see Gace singing!” got excited after the performance and tried to run up to the stand saying, “My turn now! I sing a song now!” lol Luckily Craig was right there and she didn’t make it up the isle at all. She was disappointed though and defiantly sat on the bench “singing my songs!” with the hymn book open, very loudly. I was trying so hard to shoosh her and the older couple behind us kindly laughed their heads off rather than got upset (bless you, whoever you were), but my scarlet face was testimony of my shattered comfort level. Just as I was about to carry the loud singer out however, she  pulled it together and accepted my offer to eat a cracker, instead. Phew, crisis avoided. Well there was also the eating a banana part that went wrong and the lodging her toy in between the wall and bench during the closing prayer with repeated cries of, “Mom, Girraffy’s stuck! Get him, get him out!!” but we made it out alive…barely.

Lunch was Paleo chicken taco salad, no recipe for that as it’s really simple, I’ll list the ingredients since it is one of our favs.


This is a picture of a similar one made early this week, but today’s was very close, minus the guacamole. I use plantain chips as the base, topped with lettuce and cabbage and a little broccoli slaw, with chicken I just diced and fried with a little avocado oil, salt and pepper and taco seasonings – chili powder, garlic, onion, smoked paprika, and a garlic seasoning I have, lid on for about 20 minutes and it’s done. Then we just add some raw onion and tomato and cilantro and you can top with guac and salsa, or today we added some homemade ranch dressing I made yesterday, instead. I’ll add that recipe tomorrow hopefully and then link it here. REALLY yummy lunch!

Next was naptime. Awe, taking an actual nap…it was wonderful! Short, but wonderful. lol

Camilla Jane woke up and started yelling, “I pooped again Mama, come git me peez, I pooped again!”, right as I fell asleep, but after she was changed and jumping all over us for the second time in bed today, I caught some cute photos of her. She has such good intentions almost always, that it’s tough to explain to her WHY she can’t and shouldn’t do all the things she wants to do. lol Love her so much though, she adds so much light to our little family.

The last thing I wanted to share was Craig’s Birthay “cake”. The whole30 does not allow for the decadent German Chocolate perfection that I usually make him on his birthday, but since I didn’t do a dessert for Fathers Day, I just felt like it would be a shame to not do anything for his birthday either; but I had to be really creative. I racked my brain for a long time for this one. I will include this recipe (hopefully tomorrow) on here as well, but for tonight I’ll just post pictures. He was really happy with the result, and apart from the fact that we did cheat a little by putting maple syrup in both the brownies and the almond butter frosting I made him, everything else in it was whole30 compliant. I feel pretty good that this is the first real cheat we’ve had though, and I also feel like the occasion was warranted.

Happy Birthday my love, we love you, love you!

And lastly, other scenes from today, brought to you by two VERY silly girls. Their crazy antics this evening included a few very fun rounds of Jenga, a Star Wars fight with a pool noodle Grace got at a birthday party last week, as well as a picnic in the living room that they created themselves with pretend food, along with talking to Grandma and Grandpa. My very favorite though was from Grace. She came running into the kitchen, “well! I’ve done it again!” Me, “what did you do?” G, “I’ve lost my children again! Probably in the woods! I’m always losing my children”. Me, “Oh dear. That’s not good! Well where did you see them last?!” G, “let me think, let me think…where did I last drop them??? Their names are Girraffy and Malisha, I”ll go look in the woods!” lol She cracks me up.

Happy Sabbath!


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