Finding Dory


Well, this home’s two little straw headed balls of mischief are finally safe and sound in their beds napping, husband has returned to work, lunch and dishes are semi cleaned up and I can finally sit down and get this story posted! I’d say sorry for the delay, but I was reading C.S. Lewis yesterday and was reminded that repentance involves forsaking it all and intending to sin no more, and I’m pretty sure there will be more delayed posts at some point so I’ll just say I’m excited to get it written finally. 😉

We had a lot of fun at Finding Dory! Grace talked of nothing else the day of, and when Craig got home (he was an hour late, she was all but sweating), and we bid Camilla Jane a very sad and tearful goodbye (on her part), we took off.  We went to the Ketchum Burrito restaurant that we have here in Twin, it’s the only place I have found that is paleo friendly, and had dinner. They had live music playing, which Grace loved, and she placed her order herself, asking the lady at the counter for nachos with refried beans, and cheese, and sour cream.IMG_20160624_140200 Not a very healthy choice I must say, but she was excited.

Once again, waiting for food proved to be difficult. lol This was taken about the time she was asking me, “are they EVER going to bring my nachos, Mom?”

The live entertainment was a woman playing a keyboard and singing, and she had a great voice and was very theatrical, but she just happened to be singing these really heartfelt songs that she had written about her daughter. One was about how they were best friends, more than mother/daughter usually are and the next was about how sad she was to see her daughter then grow up and leave and I  don’t know if Grace was picking up on that or was just so excited, but she kept hugging me over and over and wrapping her  little arms around me in the booth and giving me kisses. It was so sweet, I started getting really sad thinking about this poor woman whose little girl was gone and I had to snap myself out of it to keep from tearing up. lol I am not ready for this little thing to fly the nest yet, goodness I just got her here!

Dinner was awesome.

Next up, we headed over to the movie theater, and on the way there I had to again go over and over what was going to happen. She danced the whole time we were in line, grabbing my hand and asking me to twirl her around over and over. There was a couple behind us that I think really enjoyed her performance. She also kept asking me if everyone was going to be watching the movie with us, and what room was it going to be in, and was she REALLY going to get to pick out a treat?!


She’s not excited about those Skittles at all. 😉 When we got to the counter with the candy there was a long line behind us but she did not want to be rushed. We had to talk about each kind and did she want chocolate or something fruity and she REALLY wanted gummy worms but they only had sour gummy worms and how sour WERE they exactly, “like SO sour, or a little bit sour, but a little bit not sour?” I finally just told the girl at the counter that we’d take the Skittles please, and luckily she was so excited she didn’t mind that I technically picked.



When we got to our theater room it wasn’t dark yet, but still dim and I almost had to push her through. We got to our seats though and once she had taken in how big the screen was, “the biggest EVER!” the previews started. Previews are meant to bring anticipation and excitement and often that is through showing scary clips or at the very least the most intense clips of a movie, and it got us off to a very bad start. As soon as we’d gotten through one or two of them she climbed into my lap, buried her head against my chest and closed her eyes saying, “Mom I’m really tired. I think we should go home so I can go to bed”. Me, “Honey, are you feeling a little scared? Do these movies sound kind of scary?” G very hurriedly, “no I’n not scared! (slumps down again) I’n jus very tired (groans and closes eyes)”. I convinced her to just wait until the actual movie started and if she still felt too tired to be here, we would go home. Luckily she didn’t want to. She loved the movie! She giggled at certain parts (the grumpy octopus was her favorite which cracks me up cause he was like a grumpy old man) and she did eventually climb down from my lap and let me hold her seat down for her so she could sit in it. She wasn’t big enough to keep it down on her own; but half way through she leaned over and said, “Mom, I am waiting for you to remember about the treats! Did you forget?” lol I had actually.

This was my favorite photo of the night though. When she got home she rushed right to this guy and he listened to her carefully while she told him all about it. I hope that all her “dates” and fun nights and days, end like this. I hope she always wants to rush to him with details and info about her life, he is certainly a worthy confidant. He and Camilla Jane had knocked out my shopping list for me while we were gone and he had purchased some “Finding Dory” cereal for her (eye roll), way over the top ending to an already way over the top night, but he really doesn’t like being “left out” when I do things for the kids.

My last favorite thing came when I was walking Grace into her room to finally go to bed, and found Camilla Jane sitting calmly upright in her crib, reading a zoo kids magazine, waiting for us. It was almost 10:00pm and her bedtime is 7:30pm, but apparently she’d waited the whole time. She looked so chill, like it was something she did all the time and goes, “oh hi Mom, hi Gace,” and then kept flipping pages, cool as a cucumber. I did get some cute smiles and giggles though when I scooped her up for some last night kisses, before confiscating the magazine and putting them both down for the night.

Over all a really great night with a super great kid. Bleh, she’s a kid now, she’s not even a toddler!

I think that singer lady did a number on me…


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