Conversations with Grace

I’ve decided to start a series on this blog with the above title because 1. people seem to get the biggest kicks out of the things that come out of our most fastidious family member’s mouth, and 2. because I figure this is a good way to record it for posterity. No really, her husband is going to love the book I’m going to write. 😉

Yesterday I had one of my brilliant ideas. I thought how FUN it would be to take Grace to the movies! Finding Dory just came out, and although I figured it had dead parents in it, it isn’t a princess one, and so no one is going to be riding off at the end with an individual they don’t know. So what better one to take her to, right!? Well I mentioned it to husband and he immediately got jealous and tried to steal my idea, saying that, “Daddy/daughter” dates were more important (psh, nice try big fellow). Then we tried to figure out how to both go, but someone has to be home with Camilla Jane and Camilla Jane yells, “turn the page! turn the page!” when she watches Kipper and thinks it is “cary” so taking her was out. SO, it was decided that I’d take Grace on Tuesday night to see Finding Dory and I was excited.

I told Grace with great anticipation and this is what she had to say, “So you are going to buy it?” Me, “no we would GO to a movie”. G, “tell me what’s at going to a movie. No, tell me ALL the things that are at going to see a movie”. Me, “Okay, it’s just like this…” I went through all the details, even talking about parking the car, walking in, buying a ticket which would look like a small piece of paper, I mean I was thorough. Grace, “so. Okay so. (processing) we would watch it on a HUGE screen, big like this?! And Eat treats?! Yes, let’s go!!!” She was over the moon. That was when I got a text from one of my best friends saying that she just got out of the movie and it was really scary and I really better not take Grace. 😦  She is a friend who LOVES Disney and Pixar movies and I was really worried about getting in there and having a scarred child. So at dinner I told Grace I wasn’t positive anymore if we were going, but asked her for ideas for what we could do instead.

This brings us to the second part of this tale – sleeping outside. When I was a kid I remember thinking about all the fun things I was going to do with my own kids someday. I was going to be the COOLEST parent, and we were going to do all these fun things yada yada yada. One of the things I always wanted to do was sleeping outside in the summer time. So I suggested it as an alternative. Never in all my wildest imaginings however, did I ever plan on having a Grace. I just didn’t. I never imagined I would have to condition my child for a year, before she would play in the rain with me. Or that I would have to TEACH her how to relax and have fun, or use her imagination etc. And while she has come a long long way (her imagination is way beyond me now lol), it is a work in progress.

We’re sitting at the dinner table and I say, “hey Grace! InSTEAD of going to see Finding Dory, what if…we set up a tent in the back yard, and watched a movie in it and slept in it all night together!!!?!?!” Grace immediately turns to her father in a panic, “Dad, we can’t! We can’t do that, she’ll want to play all night and we’ll never sleep!” Me, “hey! What’s wrong with that, it will be so fun?!” at this point I suddenly remembered that on several exhausted occasions I’ve tried to climb into bed with Grace on nights when I was up with Camilla Jane every 20 minutes. I just thought it would save me a million trips from my room to theirs and she always looked so peaceful I never thought she’d notice. Without fail though, every time I’ve tried, she inevitably sits bolt upright in bed and then slowly and “sweetly” starts pushing me off of her bed saying, “go back to your own bed silly Mama, you can’t sleep here. This is only my bed, you have to sleep with Daddy, you’re a Mom remember?!” Oh I remember. Kill joy. Anyways, then she started in with, “and I don’t think we have enough sleeping bags. We can’t do that, where will you sleep? And we can’t watch a movie outside! Do you mean on the computer? How will you plug it in?!” At this point Craig leaned over and gave me a hug saying, “you’re a little bit sad she never likes your ideas, huh?” And you know what? I needed that hug.;) Then Grace picks up on my sad vibe (she really is a sweet child) and leans over and hugs me too telling me, “it’s okay Mom, we can sleep outside, don’t be sad, we can sleep outside! It will be fun!”

I think when I was you know, 10, and I was saying all those things about parenting, Grace was up in Heaven reassuring my ancestors, “don’t worry, I’ll be down there soon, it’s okay, I’ve got this handled”.  Ohhh I love my Grace!

In case you are wondering how it all ended, I ultimately decided to just take her to Finding Dory. I’m excited and she is excited and walking out of a movie just sounds easier than the alternatives.  Plus I don’t feel like pulling out all the sleeping bags and camping equipment to convince her we have enough. 😉


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