I love this guy.


The girls woke up this morning and I tried to get them excited for Fathers Day and usher them in to our room to wake him up with kisses and hugs. Grace LOVES celebrations and was really excited on the spot, but Camilla Jane (she’s not a morning person) mostly just repeated, “No Fasers Days, I need my foodie!” until I told her it was his birthday instead. Birthdays she understands and she decided he needed love after all. Although I did bring a banana into the bedroom, which she gratefully accepted.

Me, “Happy Fathers day!” Husband, “thanks for giving me two beautiful girls!” Me, “Well I took all those swimmers you gave me and did the best I could at making them cute!” Grace, “swimmers? What are swimmers? What are you guys talking about?!” How long do you think we have till she knows how weird and terrible her parents are…


They really do love to fuss over him so much.























Next we enjoyed a quick breakfast of a bacon, eggs and potato hash for breakfast. It turns out everyone in the family lovesss bacon. Surprise, surprise. 😉 Then we brought out the presents.


Some new shoes that had oh so subtly been hinted at by way of an email sent directly to yours truly, with a link and the exact size needed, 12 EE…


And my favorite part, a shirt that was from the girls, only they hadn’t seen it yet so really it was from me, but I couldn’t help myself when I found it on a local boutique website…


He loves it!! Phew, I was a little worried he would say it was corny, but he totally loved it, and the girls were enthralled! They thought they’d given him the coolest present ever, and Camilla Jane has been calling him, “Papa Bear” ever since. It is seriously the cutest thing  to hear in her little baby voice, “Come Papa Bear, I need you! I loves you Papa Bear!” Ahh, seriously so cute. The shop has a Mama Bear and a Baby Bear shirt as well that I decided not to buy because I just thought we better stop the corny somewhere, but when I told Craig he emphatically felt that at least the girls, need the baby bear ones. lol I feel some unplanned, unbudgeted spending coming on…


“Dis is de Papa Bear. Daddy is de Papa Bear.”

Next it was time to rush off to church. We had a wonderful meeting! I barely had time to get clothes on, no time to do hair and I didn’t even get the girls bathed from our Sun Valley trip! Shhh, don’t tell. 😉 But when we got home we snapped a few photos anyways, since we had to get Craig in his new shoes and I’m so glad we did!


I realized after we took this that it is the first actually dressed up, none selfie photo that we have of just the two of us in several years. Nice to have an updated one.

I love Camilla Jane’s expression in the family photo.

We ended the day as per the usual on Holidays, with yummy food. Craig’s only request this Father’s day was, “nothing fancy please! No cleaning, no being in the kitchen forever, something simple and easy!” Sounds fantastic, right?! But when we got back from church my house was a wreck! Nothing from our weekend trip was cleaned up yet and although I did tidy up the kitchen when I started on the living room I kept getting a, “you promised, no cleaning, come cuddle with me!” He and Camilla Jane have a lot in common. 😉 So I did, I dropped everything and we ate dinner outside, picnic style on the old John Deer blanket we save for such occasions and napped and hung out and had a really relaxing day. I have a LOT to do tomorrow, but I’m glad we slowed down, and dinner was awesome, even if it wasn’t fancy. 😉

That Pineapple was to die for. I love summer grill nights, we will be doing it again soon!

IMG_20160619_201841So I promise not to get too mushy, but can I just say, I’m so grateful for the righteous, kind man I married? Craig and I are not the same. Not by a long mile, but you know what? Where it counts we are SO the same, and I can’t imagine anyone else loving our little ones or me, the way that he does. He is patient, and kind, and he dotes on his girls, and most of the time I don’t even know what kind of stress he is under, because he never unloads it on anyone. Sometimes I wish he would! He just comes home maybe a little more tired, or a little less chatty, and I try and take the oh so subtle hints, but most people would never even notice them. He always has time to let the girls climb all over him, and read stories with them, to snuggle and wrestle Camilla Jane and to let Grace tell him all about her imaginary friend Emmy, or the “scary gate” game that they made up during the day. He loves it all, and we sure love him for it. Thank you for serving our family. Thank you for being a righteous man. And thank you for loving me for me, and not for a list of accomplishments you do or don’t think I’ve completed. It’s so nice to be with a partner who just loves me, for me.

Happy Fathers day!





Fathers Day

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