When the Sun Shines on a Saturday

IMG_20160618_101002          Last night as I was going through the list of chores that Craig and I needed to do today, he surprised me with a, “let’s go to Sun Valley! Let’s take the kids and go biking!” Chores…biking…chores…biking…oh yea, no contest. Grace was a little skeptical of course because she wasn’t planning on going to Sun Valley and you don’t just spring things on a type 4 child, but she got on board fairly quickly. And of course Camilla Jane was excited because going anywhere with both Mom and Dad, MUST be fun. Being a parent to littles is a lot like being a celebrity. When I go to check the mail and then walk in the door I get two children hugging my legs saying, “you’re BAACK!!! We missed you so MUCH, oh we’re so glad you’re back!!!” Really, that’s what they do. I should have Craig video it sometime for the skeptics. And even better than Mom being with them is Mom AND Dad, a much more rare kind of treat. So we packed the kids in the car and some fruit and nuts and water, AND the chosen stuffed animals AND enough children’s books for a small bookstore. Then husband loaded the bikes for us, and we took off! IMG_20160618_101039

We ended up getting sidetracked to our destination however, when Craig spotted the signs for the Ice Caves, half way there. Ohhh how over priced and sort of creepy are the ice caves! Well the actual caves were cool, and the mammoth caves that we’ve seen before have a much higher creep factor, but this was definitely like stepping back in time. Everything there was from the 40’s and 50’s, including the taxidermy animals that looked very much like they wished moths would leave them alone. Our guide, though probably 30 something years old, flannel plaid shirt on in June (which was somehow to be expected I think) was also from the 40’s or 50’s. Just kidding, he was very nice. Just not overly chatty, which was probably good because it turns out Grace’s can’t stop talking when they’re scared. Or maybe just ours. More on that in a sec.

This was the outside of the caves. We let the girls do their thing and wander around looking at all the weird artifacts and cement/type painted statues that they have in abundance.

After we were finished walking around I originally thought we were done, but Craig decided that since we live in Twin Falls there is some sort of right of passage that says we have to pay 30 whole dollars to be taken down into the caves by the before mentioned long, curly haired man of few words. I think that particular “right of passage” is one I could have done without, I mean I don’t have a scouting uniform to sew a badge to or anything, but the cave was cool, and the girls reactions were not dull.

MG_5602One thing I’ve noticed about Grace, is that she’s not a natural hiker. Let me rephrase that, Grace becomes very uneasy and scared anytime we walk on anything besides pavement or grass. Asking her to hurry under “such conditions”, is rather a lot to ask. So she gets nervous, and when she gets nervous, she gets chatty. Like REALLY chatty. Like talks about every step she takes, chatty. At the narrowest parts she would break into song. So the poor man leading us, got to listen to my four year old bouncing along the rocks like those tiny rubber balls you get at the dentist’s, saying, “whoa…whoa these steps are really crazy, whose idea were these steps? Were they that guys idea, Mom? Why can’t I say that? Were they his idea, Mom? Whoa, there’s a lizard, he’s so CUTE, WHOA, these steps are crazy Mom, is it going to be like this a little further? How’s Milla doing, does she like these rocks, cause I think they’re nuts! I don’t think Milla likes them either, cause she gets MG_6063scared by them” and on and on and on. Some of the time I carried her, and some of the time she walked, but at all times she varied between hushed tones, loud outbursts, laughing, almost crying and as I mentioned in the hairiest part, she sang; it was very cute. Half way down Craig switched me for Camilla Jane however, and I discovered that the quieter one had a lot on her mind as well. The little koala bear clung to me, whispering in my ear, “dis is cary, Mom! I don’t yike it. Dis has cary shadows Mom, I don’t yike scary shadows!” Before you start worrying though let me just mention that as soon as we were OUT of the caves, they both thought it was the coolest thing they’d ever done. Grace went from dead last, to “I’m a leader and I know the way, follow me!” and Camilla Jane scrambled down from my arms MG952418and, “I walk  self!” was heard often. They kept it up the whole way to the car. Over all, husband was right, worth it. Well maybe not worth 30.00 whole dollars, that still kills me.



Following the cave portion of our trip we drove into Hailey Idaho, and decided to start our bike trail there, as well as get a bite to eat. This was the first time we’d eaten out since starting our whole30 diet and I was nervous about what to order, but we stopped at Ketchum Burritos and weren’t disappointed. If you live in Idaho and you haven’t been, stick it on your list, it’s a must. IMG_20160618_130136966.jpg     Their shrimp burrito is to die for and they have an awesome vegetarian and gluten free menu as well. Paleo was a little tough for them to swing, but they delivered with some really yummy, build yourself, salads. Mine had, romaine and spinach, carrots, onion, roasted garlic, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, guacamole, cabbage, shredded pork and roasted sweet potatoes with a cilantro lime vinaigrette. I don’t know if the dressing was whole30, but I was already a little embarrassed about being so fussy with having them take all dairy out etc. that I just went with it. I knew it was going to be the most paleo friendly dressing on the menu. Good enough.

And they always have a fish tank, which basically means they win Camilla Jane’s vote, every time. That picture of Grace you can’t stop looking at, is when the little stinker discovered that the waitress had brought Craig and my food first, without bringing hers. Not her most angelic moment for sure, but luckily her clouds pass very quickly and she did apologize for the crusties she delivered while it had hovered. She was pretty happy when her burrito finally arrived.

Next and finally was the glorious bike ride. A beautiful, 11 miles! Wild flowers! Oh, the wild flowers; they were everywhere!!! I wish that I’d stopped more often to get better pictures but I did snap a few.

Can’t you just feel the clean, fresh air with these?! Such a beautiful earth we have!

A few more gems from the ride.

A perfect day, with my favorite people. Truly.

                            And tomorrow we get to celebrate one of them in particular, so stay tuned… 😉


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