All about Whole30 Sauces


One of the first things I noticed about the paleo diet is that condiments and sauces are off the table. Can you say, sugar, sugar, sugar?! I never knew there were so many different types of sugars until I started reading all the labels in the door of my refrigerator. Many also contain different forms of soy or peanuts, basically none of it complies to our clean, whole foods eating requirements. So, after turning alchemist, with my kitchen as my lab and my greatest tool the mighty vitamix, I set about finding a food salad dressing, something to dip finger foods into and homemade mayonnaise, which I’d never attempted before. We’ll start with the later.


      When someone is sharing a recipe it’s not usually proper to mention their distaste for it, but it is what it is so I am just going to say it. I don’t like mayonnaise. It’s slimy and greasy and when I lived in Belgium I loved everything BUT watching people dip their french fries into it; German and the Netherlands do it too. It totally gave me the willies. Having said that, a lot of dressings and sauces for the whole30 start off with homemade mayo so I knew I would need it as a base. Luckily though I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the homemade is much much better than store bought mayonnaise. I love the fresh lemon quality to the taste and once it has lots of other flavors and textures added to it, it really does become a fabulous dressing for salads and  finger foods. Second confession, the first time I tried this I figuratively fell flat on my face. It didn’t work at all and I had to start again, but I learned a lot, and I’ve made it several times with great success since then, so let’s begin.

3 egg yolks

1 1/4 C. Very light olive oil (you want it tasteless,

so go with the lightest you have)

The fresh juice of 1 Lemon

Salt and Pepper to taste

My first attempt at this was with a stick blender. I have a small thin blender jar and read a recipe that said if you add the egg at the bottom and then the oil etc. that it would emulsify, as you turn it on and slowly raise it up, but I tried it twice with no luck. So I pulled out my trusty kitchen aid and it worked great. with your whisk attachment on, add your egg yolks and beat them slowly for a few seconds, and then at very high speed. Slowly, I’m going to say it again, SLOWLY start to add in your oil. Add just a tad and then let that start to come together and then slowly and painstakingly pour in a small drizzle until all the oil is added and emulsified. Then squeeze in some lemon over a clean hand to catch seeds and a little salt and cracked pepper to taste. You’ll find that it is refreshingly lighter than regular mayonnaise and that the lemon adds to that freshness as well.

Whole30 Jalapeno Ranch Dressing


     This recipe is one I found on Pinterest, and we love it! You will need the mayonnaise you just made, but there is nothing that I really added or took out so I’ll just post the link here.

Whole30 BBQ Sauce


I am going to post a link for this one as well. I like my BBQ sauce to always have some sweetness to balance out the heat. Having said that, the only changes I made were to add 4-5 dates and I added smoked paprika rather than regular, which is a spice I have liked a lot lately if you haven’t noticed. 😉 I’ve included the link here

Cashew Cream

The last sauce I would like to include in this post isn’t really a sauce at all, but something I have found very useful, and that is cashew cream. I use it in the paleo clam chowder post here but I am going to include it in this as well because it has so many uses. You can make a savory version like in the chowder, but you can also make a sweet version that I used on a sweet potato breakfast bake (recipe to come soon) that my family was really grateful for. We were just at the point where husband especially was really missing anything baked, and this hit the spot for him, and we topped it with some sweet cashew cream.The ingredient list is just two things,

1 Cup raw unsalted cashews

1 Cup boiling water

     Barely cover your cashews with the water and let it sit for at least an hour. After it has soaked, pour the contents into your blender jar. At this point you season it. If you want to add it to a soup you can add it plain or add a little garlic and onion salt to it. For sweet cashew cream I added about 5-6 dates to it with some cinnamon and vanilla. It is an awesome dairy substitute for putting on top of berries or banana ice cream, recipe for that coming soon, or for a breakfast bake also coming soon. Sorry, I’m trying to get caught up here. Blend on high until smooth and thick and creamy.




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