Introduction to Food


IMG_20160610_125017I thought I’d start with a quick blerp about the next 3 weeks. So my husband and I love lots of foods from all over the world. He likes to eat it, I like to make it. From perfecting the art of the basic artisan loaf, to finding 100 different ways to eat butternut squash, I LOVE being in the kitchen. I have made 6 different batches of bread in one day before NOT because I was planning to, or our freezer needed them, and especially not because our stomachs needed them, but because darn it all my crumb was just NOT coming out right. And you know what, loaf #6 was fabulous, and I use my notes from that to make bread now. So you see there is a method to my test kitchen madness. My poor neighbors though, who got test loaves #2, #3, #4, and #5. In a nut shell, I love perfecting food!  But we have recently been inspired by some friends of ours who have been doing the Whole30, paleo diet and after reading Dallas and Melissa Hartwig’s book, It Starts With Food we decided to join the club! Another opportunity to explore and improve, what’s not to love about that, right?!  We are currently in the middle of week 2, but we’ve had so much success with finding new meals that we’ve never had or made before, that I wanted to share what we’ve found. Most of these dishes will be very health centered, some not so much but all of them will be made without any dairy, processed or isolated sugars, or grains and legumes of any kind. But hang in there, because that doesn’t mean they aren’t fabulous. We normally eat a lot of cheese, honey, sugar, and lots of beans, grains etc. and homemade breads (as previously mentioned), and I will definitely not be spending the rest of my life without fine cheese. BUT, I think that our bodies need a break from eating these things constantly, especially sugar and dairy, and it has been such a fun, educational experience that I am so excited to share! Hopefully you will join us. And by that I mean I would LOVE to hear about any awesome recipes you’ve found on the paleo spectrum, or if you try any of the ones I share, tell me how they were, adjustments you made, or just relay your experience. The more sharing the better, so don’t be shy!


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