Introduction to Family

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We better start our introduction of the family with “the beard”. After all, we’d only be the beard and blonde (singular) if it wasn’t for him. ūüėČ He’s my anchor and my rock, my warm comfortable spot in the storm and when he’s not mountain biking, traveling for his job, or otherwise working he’s most often found surrounded by his two little tow headed groupies. I often have to part a sea of stuffed animals, sticky crumbs and crackers, endless books, and lastly the two giggly girls on his lap, when I want my turn. So grateful for this man we call ours.

Next we have the reason he’s “the beard” which stems from my oldest, most astute daughter Grace. Grace believes the world should be just so, and that involves all Daddy’s having mandatory beards. Anytime he teases her about shaving it, she sets him straight in no uncertain terms, “No Daddy, we love you beard”. She is also the inspiration for the “three blondes” portion of the blog name as a spontaneous decision to dye my hair, once landed me in hot water, at least in her eyes. I got a very firm, “Mom…how can we be the three beautiful blondes, if you have that brown hair?!” lol I kept the hair for a spell because I’m not as easily persuaded by toddlers as Mr. Taylor¬†I liked it, but eventually she was gratified when all went back to being as “it should be”. I had both of my girls in the salon with me shortly after, as my youngest was getting her straw mop cut, and my hairdresser asked me, “so do you like being back to blonde?” Before I could even respond, Ms. 4, as I sometimes call her, answered very quickly, “yes! We LOVE it!”. She’s a bit of an anomaly in the baby world, but we love her motherly nature and her desire for an orderly and routine surrounding.

The latest member of our clan is Ms. Camilla Jane. If she could, she would spend her whole life snuggled up tightly in her families arms. She brings harmony to our individual tones, like the final note in a cord, and is never happier than when we are all together. When we drive in the car she sits in her car seat swinging her chubby legs and happily exclaiming, “Mommy and Daddy and Mommy and Daddy” etc. letting us know that she’s in her happy place, with all of us together at last. She is as creative and spontaneous as her sister is cautious and safe, and she adds her own flare to everything she does. Love my bright eyed, sticky-kisses-giving, 2 year old.

Lastly, we have myself! Describing oneself should not be a thing, so I am going to let husband write this part when he gets home.

¬† ¬† ¬†“Oh Boy! ¬†She put me on the spot here……

My wife, blonde #1 as I call her when she is with #’s 2, and 3, is one of the most amazing¬†women that I have ever met. ¬†She makes the dos equis ¬†guy seem boring. ¬†Some days I will come home to a smoke filled house with detectors going off and children clinging to her legs just so she can bake an artisan pizza on a stone at 500 degrees. ¬† Even with the chaos she will most likely have a smile and kiss for me. ¬†She is a never ending culinary adventure, along with a very fun partner for life’s adventures. ¬†There is never a dull moment with this girl. ¬†She introduced me to sushi, Indian food, vegetables, and to a desire to experience the world, she even took me sky diving! ¬†Without her, I ¬†probably would have stayed put with what I know, heavy, hearty foods, small town living, and wrangler jeans. ¬†She’s been turning this caveman into a gentleman, slowly but surely, and I love her for it. ¬†Her passion for life and new experiences is contagious and at times overwhelming for me, but it keeps me on my toes, never knowing what the next fun proposal will be. ¬†It never ceases to amaze me how a beautiful, smart, adventurous Texan could turn out to also be an amazing wife, mother, chef, and friend. ¬†She is the most unpredictable and sweetest person you will ever meet. ¬†She is the most interesting woman in the world and she is mine. :)”

Okay, I can’t stop laughing! He is so sweet! And I do NOT miss those jeans. Well I hope you enjoyed this little bit about our family…he said I introduced him to vegetables! haha His poor mother, he’s telling tales. Have a fabulous day!


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