Whole30 Clam Chowder

IMG_20160611_175021189_HDR     This soup was AWESOME! It is my favorite paleo recipe to date. I’m kind of embarrassed to admit where the idea came from…but blogs aren’t interesting without at least some of the wacky stuff added, right? I dreamed it up. When I was reading It Starts With Food, it mentions that as you are cutting back on addictive foods and trying to get ideas for new food you might start dreaming about your favorites. I have never dreamed about food before, but sure enough I woke up about 2:00am right after a dream featuring me in the kitchen trying to make a paleo clam chowder. And guess what? The recipe totally worked! The normal recipe I use for making clam chowder is a great one. I actually won a church soup competition from using it last fall, and you can find it on this awesome blog here:  http://www.abrightandbeautifullife.com/award-winning-clam-chowder/  

This recipe is pretty different with a couple of exceptions. I started out with a Costco size can of clams like so,IMG_20160615_191518817

and I drain the juice into a big pot and boil my potatoes in it. Trust me, it gives you that wonderful, yummy coastal clam flavor that sooo many clam chowders are lacking. Really, I can’t count the chowders I’ve had, boasting clams, when I excitedly dig in and get a mouth full of plain potato soup, with a few weird rubbery things in it. This chowder is full of flavor, both with the added vegetables and the clams. The other thing I kept from the abrightandbeautifullife soup is the added red wine vinegar, I think it’s a great last touch. Okay, on with the recipe, are you ready for the creamiest, best paleo clam chowder ever!?

Paleo Clam Chowder

1 large can of Clams (found mine at Costco)

6 Medium red potatoes

4 ribs of Celery

4 Carrots diced

1 small zuchini

1 large onion

1T. Garlic, minced

1-2tsp. salt

2tsp. cracked black pepper

1 C. raw, unsalted cashews

1C. boiling water

2C. room temp. water

2T. Olive or Avacado oil

4T. Red Wine Vinegar

      Start by throwing your cashews into a blender jar, pouring your cup of boiling water over them and letting them soak while you do your other prep. They need at least an hour or so. Next do a large dice on your potatoes and cover them in the liquid from the clams. It should just cover them, if it doesn’t, adjust with a cup or two of the room temp. water.

     Grab a large skillet, heat your oil in it over medium/high heat and throw in all your veggies, diced nice and small. Cook until tender, about 8-10 minutes depending on your stove.

     When your potatoes are soft, do NOT boil the liquid out, add all your veggies into the pot and set it on low while you make your cashew cream.

     For the cashew cream just put the blender jar that has been sitting on your counter with the cashews in it, onto your blender. I added some garlic salt and onion salt to it, and then blend  it until it is smooth and thick and creamy. Cashew cream is magical stuff, I tell you!

     The Final step is to add into your veggies your seasoned cashew cream, your clams that you had previously set aside and bring it all to a high simmer before turning the heat off. The VERY last step, is the red wine vinegar. I like to add it at the very end, and always add vinegar to taste. Add a couple T. taste, and then add more as needed. Then get that creamy, steaming mixture, into those waiting bowls. 🙂





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